10 HR Tech Solutions Every Manager Should Know About

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10 HR Tech Solutions Every Manager Should Know About

If you’re in business, you know that your people are the key to success! You want to find the best, motivate them, show them that you care and get them working enthusiastically within your teams to grow your business. But you don’t want the management of this process to be a distraction from achieving your goals. Your HR activities should be seamless and painless. Which is why using the best HR Technology is so important in helping you to manage your talent and to ease the workload.

HR Technology

Like in many Tech fields, new start-ups are offering exciting solutions to do just that, and in many cases are disrupting the older established players in the market. There are so many HR technologies on the market, however, we have come up with a list of 10 that we think could be very beneficial to your business. These range from sourcing and recruiting to managing rewards and recognition. We hope you enjoy!

10 HR Tech Solutions Every Manager Should Know About


Founded by Paul Burley, PredictiveHire creates predictive analytics models to minimise employee turnover, increase productivity and enhance workforce diversity. They deliver this through their cloud-based SaaS application which makes it very easy for anyone to access. This helps companies to decide the best candidate for the job and therefore tackle poor recruiting results and high turnover rates.

Key Features

  • Increase hiring speed
  • Improve hiring quality
  • Increase diversity
  • Higher performance and productivity


Founded by Patrick G. Riley and daughter Joanna Riley, 1-Page specialise in sourcing and recruiting. They assist companies in identifying, attracting and engaging the best candidates for the job. They have two products, 1-Page Source for finding the perfect candidate, and 1-Page Propose for learning how to write an effective proposal to find a job.1 page software HR TechnologyKey features

  • Recruiting intelligence for better people decisions
  • Up-to-date professional profiles
  • Detailed contact information and connections


Mink is a software platform to help organisations engage with their employees. Their aim is to improve workplace morale, increase productivity and improve retention. It creates a safe place for your employees to communicate their opinions, express any concerns and celebrate their achievements. Check out the following video to find out more!

Key features

  • Improve retention
  • Identify conflicts
  • Promote happiness

MTM Recognition

Founded by Roger Mashore, MTM Recognition helps organisations to improve their recognition strategy. They do this by encouraging them to celebrate achievements with memorable award programs, unique symbolic rewards, and other creative incentive products. For example, they manufacture and design awards that reflect your company’s culture and heritage.
mtm recognition HR Technology
Key features

  • Increases productivity
  • Raises employee morale
  • Honors achievements
  • Promotes health and wellness


WittyParrot is a cloud-based knowledge automation, collaboration and communication platform. They help companies save time, stay on message and consistently deliver a compelling and personalised candidate experience. It helps to make the recruitment process more effective and boosts an organisation’s brand by improving the responsiveness and relevance of candidate communication.
Witty Parrot HR Technology
Key features

  • Centralised HR knowledgebase
  • Interview confirmation
  • Simplify job description creation

Culture Amp

Culture Amp is an employee feedback and analytics platform. They have three products, the first for employee engagement, the second for employee experience and the third for employee effectiveness. They help you to find the insights you need to help your employees succeed.
Culture Amp HR Technology
Key features

  • Honest feedback
  • Insights for everyone
  • Capture the employee perspective
  • Drive your strategy with data

Talent Ninja

Talent Ninja is a candidate sourcing solution for organisations looking to find the right people to hire. Talent Ninja posts to multiple job boards in one click, therefore optimising social recruiting. It is very easy to register online and set up a profile so you can start finding talent straight away!
talent ninja HR Technology
Key features

  •  Massive social reach
  • Elegant job adverts
  • Streamlined mobile experiences
  • Recruiting analytics
  • Amplify your brand


Jazz is a recruitment software platform to assist companies in finding the perfect candidate. They provide an applicant tracking system where you can rank, track and discuss candidates as a team. It allows you to create a dialogue with your candidates, giving you a range of templates to choose from. For example, ‘job is filled’ or ‘rejection letter’. You can also customise the message and reuse it so you can quickly communicate with candidates.
JazzHR HR Technology
Key features

  • Bring recruiting online
  • Make informed hiring decisions
  • Analyse and evolve

Any Perk

Any Perk is an employee recognition platform that helps organisations to celebrate employee achievements and milestones. It allows employees to gain access to reduced pricing on over 850 brands in categories like entertainment, travel, health and wellness, shopping and more.
AnyPerk HR Technology
Key features

  • Rewards & perks on one platform
  • Build happiness with recognition
  • Perks your employees love


As always, we had to leave the best until last. Founded by Gerard Forde, Mikey Cannon and Norman Hewson, Bizimply is an employee management solution that completely changes the way retailers manage and engage with their employees. We combine all the day-to-day management requirements of these businesses (scheduling, HR, clock-in stations, shift reporting etc.) into one easy-to-use cloud based system.
bizimply HR Technology
Key features:

  • All employee data in one place
  • Improve time off tracking
  • Correct & detailed HR reports
  • Mobile employee directory
  • Intuitive & simple
  • Always be up-to-date

See how Bizimply can help your business – access your free demo today!

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