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Capture precise time and attendance

Manage the time and attendance of your construction teams across multiple sites

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GPS Time Clock App for Employees

Perfect for remote field workers working across multiple sites

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Bizimply's MANAGER APP

Manager Tracking App for construction sites

Managing employees in the field can be difficult, we make it easy with Bizimply’s manager app

Having the right staff, with the right skills in the right place at the right time is key to the success of your organisation. However, this can be a time-consuming task especially when you factor in fluctuating demand levels that come with the territory in the construction business.

This is where Bizimply’s Rota Software comes in. We offer a choice of employee scheduling capabilities and we’ll help you select the best approach based on your organisation’s requirements.

Employee availability

If you run a shift-based business, such as construction, you’ll need a rota that works for your staff. Employees can be demanding. They will have set hours they want to work, they’ll want to know these hours in advance and they’ll want to change them if they don’t work for them. To avoid time spent changing the manual rota, Bizimply’s rota software can alleviate such challenges. Use the rota software technology to ensure staff are informed about any rota schedules or changes immediately.

Over staffing

The majority of labour costs will be controlled through the rota. If you spend all your time and effort on your manual rota system, you have a chance for revenue to be maximised while working to keep costs within budget. Over-staffing or unnecessary overtime can quickly see costs spiralling out of control. When it comes to hours, good rota management involves allocating hours to each employee, for each shift and for each week (or more if you are scheduling blocks of time in advance.) It’s imperative to know how many hours you are using and how much it is costing the business.

With Bizimply’s rota software you only have to choose your business objectives – our technology does the rest. Make efficient schedules that perfectly align employee shifts and breaks with your demand curve. Get insights on the impact of adding or removing shifts on your costs and service levels.

Demand Forecasting

Equipping yourself Bizimly’s rota software will make over and understaffing a thing of the past. With Bizimply you forecast the need for numbers of staff on a job. The AI-powered demand forecasting is the driving force behind your most accurate workforce planning. Get notifications of demand outliers automatically and log the impact of events, holidays and promotions to improve future forecasts.

Attendance tracking

One of the biggest benefits of Rota software, is the ability to track employee attendance and allow staff members to clock in from anywhere. This allows managers to have access to fully integrated time reporting and absence management. Your employees can even punch in and out directly on their smartphones. You can also image-capture worked hours – in real-time; swiftly & effectively. Also, put an end to “buddy punching” in or out.

Labour optimization

Reduce scheduling time to minutes and minimize manual changes mid-operations. Bizimply’s rota software automatically create schedules and comply with labour laws and rules. Therefore, you can adhere to local labour laws and business-specific scheduling rules with our extensive scheduling technology.

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