Easy Workforce Management and HR Solution for Retail Businesses

Build out complete schedules and in minutes and easily communicate them with retail floor staff. Monitor attendance by the minute to guarantee accurate time worked. 

The Smart Choice for Retailers

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Reduce Retail Staff Turnover and Save on Labour Costs

Ensure employees feel more connected to your retail business with our extensive suite of workforce management and HR solutions. Reduce unnecessary labour costs by paying for only actual time worked. Reap the benefits all across your business!

Attendance Tracking

Holiday Calculator

Time Off Requests

Simplify the way you build, approve, and monitor attendance. Bizimply’s Timestation App lets your retail business centralise your attendance needs.

Simplify communication with self-serve time off requests. Approved time off is visible on managers’ schedules so employees don’t get double booked.

Built By a Team With Retail Experience - We Understand Your Challenges

We’ve always strived to reduce labour costs for multi-location retail outlets across the board – with great success. We’ve created an extensive range of features that are designed to improve retail operations and reduce labour costs.

Drag And Drop Scheduling

With Bizimply, managers can condense and complete hours of scheduling work in just a few minutes. Drag and drop popular shifts to immediately build out an entire week’s schedule. Communicate changes to staff easily and effectively in a single click.

Track Hours Worked

Looking to better control labour costs? Bizimply records clock-in times by the minute, ensuring accurate payroll-ready timecards. Always pay staff for actual time worked, and make huge savings by recouping lost time.

Cloud-Based Clock-In System

Bizimply stores important employee and timecard information securely on our cloud-based web app. Create custom employee access permissions, and feel safe by knowing only the right personnel have access to the information they need to see.

Ready to improve your labour cost management?

“It has become obvious how much time we will save by simplifying our scheduling, time and attendance.”

Louise Kelly

HR Business Partner