In Bizimply you can set up your payroll output to a Xero format, that enables you to import the payroll data for all your employees and eliminate the double-entry of data and ensure your staff are paid accurately and on time

Bizimply and XERO combined form a complete people management solution from rota-building to payroll.

Looking for a way to reliably record attendance data before approving it for payroll? Bizimply’s Timestation App makes it simple for managers to monitor their team’s attendance and record actual time worked.

  •  Seamlessly integrate Bizimply with Xero – allowing users to directly import timecards for a hassle-free payroll experience.
  • Ensure that payroll data in Xero UpSheets is accurately updated with the latest employee work hours, reducing the need for manual entry of data and enhancing payroll accuracy.

Bizimply provides a user-friendly feature enabling the effortless export of employee attendance data in a Xero UpSheet format. This facilitates a secure and seamless process for uploading the information onto Xero UpSheets.

Want to find out more about how Bizimply and Xero work together?

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