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Flow Learning is a learning management solution created by hospitality, for hospitality, providing accredited training throughout the sector.

With Bizimply’s integration, you can automatically add all your employees from Bizimply to Flow’s training platform. You’ll save time and avoid the hassle of having to add your employees to both systems.

Recruitment and training with Bizimply and Flow Learning is designed to be a breeze – Bizimply delivers daily employee activity data straight to Flow for HR managers to make better decisions.

Bizimply and Flow Learning combined form a complete people management solution from rota-building to training. Looking for a way to track employee training for better HR management? Bizimply’s HR suite allows digital document storage online, all in one place.

Track Team Training

Bizimply and Flow make it incredibly easy to track your team's training progress.

Daily Activity Exports

Training data is immediately ready for export after approval in Bizimply's system.

Real-Time Labour Costs

Bizimply offers real-time insights into labour costs by department and time per location.

Save Time & Money

Managers who use Bizimply save several hours per week on rota-building and attendance approval!

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