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Manage your healthcare team’s schedules, time cards & HR in one easy-to-use platform. We care about what’s best for your business, so contact us now by booking a consultation below!

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Analyze and optimise your workforce

An all-in-one solution like Bizimply unites all areas of your business under one roof. The opportunities for improvement are endless!

Attendance Tracking

Simple leave approval workflow

Say goodbye to paper timesheets and time theft with Bizimply’s photo-verified clock ins and automated, accurate timesheets.

Confirm and manage staff leave requests online to always know who’s available to work.

Pharmacies, Care Homes & More - We Understand Your Unique Needs

We’ve built countless features that will help healthcare businesses like yours improve your capacity to manage multiple locations. Book a consultation now to learn more about how we can help your business grow and flourish!

Build Schedules in a Few Clicks

Checking availability – adjusting posted schedules – these are manual practices that take hours out of your manager’s week. Bizimply enables managers to drag and drop shifts quickly and easily – imagine completing schedules for the entire month in just a few minutes!

Automatically Tally up Worked Hours

Staff will work varying hours each week – that’s a given. It can be nightmarish gathering up time worked for multiple employees. But what if that could be streamlined? That’s why Bizimply automatically tracks your staff’s hours to help build a payroll-ready export.

Staff Clock In - Never Miss a Minute

Member of staff clocking in a few minutes late every day? Bizimply’s Timestation App grants managers visibility on attendance. Clock in times are also reported on employee timecards to better reflect actual time worked!

Employee management for health care has never been easier.