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Running a health care center is a complex task. Make sure that everything runs smoothly with Bizimply. Cut down scheduling time by up to 50%.

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Simplified HR management for Health Care businesses. Manage employees time off and holiday requests. Store company and people documents safely in the cloud.

Employee management for healthcare has never been easier.

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Designed specifically for Care homes, Health Centres, Pharmacies and more, read more to see why you need to get started with Bizimply in your business! 

So what’s the benefits?

When it comes to Scheduling within your healthcare business, we wanted to make it plain and simple so that it can be done in minutes. Our scheduling feature, designed for healthcare services allows you to create popular shifts so you don’t have to manually input shift times each week. When you create popular shifts, you can simply drag and drop these shifts onto the schedule and that’s you starting to build out your rota! Each shift can be colour coded; either by position or by popular shift. This makes it easy for Healthcare Managers to identify an employee’s role or the department they are working in and ensures they have the right people in the right place at the right time. Once your schedule is built, all you have to do is publish and send out to your healthcare staff which can be emailed or sent out to the employee MyZimply App so they are able to access it anytime, anywhere. 

When it comes to tracking the Time and Attendance of your healthcare staff, Bizimply have created the ideal solution. Employees can clock in and out via the Bizimply Timestation app; all you need is an iPad! Each individual employee is given their own unique pin that is completely confidential and emailed out to them at the healthcare Managers discretion. When employees attend work for their shift, all they have to do is enter their pin on the iPad (which we recommend putting up on a wall, somewhere safe and secure) the software will take a quick snapshot of them and they get on with their day. Staff can use the Timestation to track their break and to clock out at the end of their shift too – all with the one unique pin. 

Bizimply’s Human Resource platform empowers healthcare managers and supervisors to capture, process and use your business information so you can keep your teams engaged and efficient. Automate your document workflows within your organisation, and protect data and documents with secure cloud based software.

Often there will be situations where you need a document quickly. Before, this would involve having to head to the office and search for documents. With Bizimply’s HR platform you no longer have to do this. Access documents quickly and easily from any device, anywhere. 

Within our HR platform for healthcare, we have a range of features that will help to improve and optimise your operations. Within the platform you can manage Onboarding checklists, ensuring the right steps are done to onboard each employee properly and sending the relevant documents to HR. Keep employee records up to date and secure; store all of your employees documents within the system such as CVs, training records and references. 

Our Issues, Notes and Documents section enables your healthcare managers to stay compliant, tracking any shift issues or providing managers on the next shift with important updates.

Training healthcare employees is important so they have the skills to fulfil the role. Our Training cards feature creates records of training completed by each member of staff. This could be Health and Safety training, First Aid etc.. Managers are notified on the dashboard when they are due for renewal 30 days before so they can organise their staff for the next training. Manage your employees time off requests through our HR platform. Manage all leave types across all your locations and roles. Finally, our Engagement Survey allows managers at each location to gain valuable insights and feedback from employees on each shift by asking employees how their day was. Use this to optimise and be aware of where you could make changes if necessary in the workplace. All feedback is anonymous, therefore all feedback will be valuable and beneficial for improvements to your healthcare business.

What are the main features within the Operations Suite?

Managers Log book; keep up to date with the important information your business needs after every shift. 

Daily Task lists; ensure your healthcare team completes their tasks assigned every day, from opening checklists to cashing up procedures. It will ensure nothing will be missed and keep your staff productive.  Schedule tasks, from every day to weekly stock-takes and begin to standardise your operations. Document Management; store all your healthcare documents in a safe, cloud based system, keeping you compliant and up to date. With our Sales and Labour Hours forecasting tool you can base your labour hours forecasts on target sales and measure these against scheduled hours. Instantly get access to top line view of the important numbers in your business; sales, labour costs percentages, Sales per labour hour, projections and more. These are important to keep your business afloat and stay ahead of the competition.

Our Regional Manager views and Location groups enables users to view individual and combined location operational information and group by region. Regional Manager views allow your team to focus on specific locations to find out what’s going on in further detail. Ensuring that operations are running efficiently across your multi-location healthcare business and you can flag any issues as soon as you identify them. 

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