Bizimply enhances employee engagement

Get the most from your team by making them feel connected to the place they work in and the people they work with.

Employee Retention

A high staff turnover will cost your business in time and productivity. Retaining your best employees will result in higher product sales, customer satisfaction levels and happier co-workers. Employees who feel connected to their workplace are more likely to exude passion in their work and loyalty towards their customers and their team.

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MyZimply allows you to communicate with your employees directly. No more communicating with pieces of paper on the wall.

  •   Send the schedule directly to your employee’s phone
  •   Ensure they are always looking at the most up-to-date schedule
  •   Send your employee a note along with their schedule
  •   Your employees can create their own employee profile
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Bizimply Manager App

Having the manager app in your pocket keeps you informed at all times. Your employees know you are always available to help, when needed.

  •   Contact your staff at any time
  •   Allow manager’s to create positive performance reviews
  •   Remain informed about any issues your employee’s may be having
The Manager App

Employee Engagement Survey

Timestation has a special feature that will engage employees across your company, boost morale and keep the lines of communication open!

  •    Invite your employees to participate in this quick and simple survey
  •    Follow your employees happiness levels across different shifts and different days of the week
  •    Open up the lines of communication. Know when your employees are happy and when they’re not.
  •    it’s fast, simple and it’s anonymous! Engage them while protecting their privacy



Employee's engage with Bizimply's Timestation every day as they clock in and out for shifts and breaks. With Timestation, you can engage with your employees by wishing them a Happy Birthday on their special day! It's those little moments on your Birthday that make it count!

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