Why you should be using Shift Log in your business

Shift handovers without Shift Log can leave employees lost and unaware of jobs to be completed that could affect company standards. In this blog we will show you the main benefits of using Shift Log in the workplace.
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Shift handovers without using Shift Log only mean one thing:

Those starting on the next are completely unaware of what happened on the previous shift. 

This could be anything from: Jobs to still be completed or even customer requests.

It will lead to an unorganised shift and in some cases, it could result in unplanned downtime and cause disruption to the workplace.

When we created the Shift Log in Bizimply we wanted to minimise those risks. Creating more visibility on the task execution. 

Before Bizimply our customers were facing challenges related to:

  • Jobs that have forgotten to be done; 
  • Jobs that have not been completed properly;
  • Lack of transparency on jobs and their status; 
  • Jobs that cannot be completed -caused by faulty shift handovers.

After Bizimply’s Shift Log, all information on daily operations can be recorded. Including: 

  • List of prioritised tasks
  • Shift change dashboard (with shift status and summary reports) 
  • Shift-related documents (including attachment of images or notes for the next shift) 

It’s a secure system where you can record accidents and manage the follow-up. Ensuring you are staying compliant at all times. Never leave your and your business in the dark again and bring better management to multi-location businesses.

Why? So you can…

Improve Communication

Informing your employees before starting each shift and providing them with a rundown will make their shift much easier to manage. 

Your manager logbook will automatically update with any new information as it gets reported by team members. 

Having this information will improve communication among teams and increase productivity. 

Any relevant and ongoing tasks are clearly listed in role-based custom dashboards. Employees will be able to view and comment on the shift log if they have been given access, and managers and supervisors can instantly report all events during their shifts.

Boost Efficiency 

Digital shift logs and real-time event reporting increase productivity in the workplace and reduce unplanned downtime—  as well as ensure compliance. 

It is more than essential that your staff are aware of any non-routine events or requests in order for shifts to run smoothly. 

Switch to Digital

Most operations are switching to digital. Shift Logs are just another feature that has been added to that list. 

Storing information digitally means that it can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. 

It can be analysed and monitored to make better decisions that will help to improve business operations and processes as well as get jobs done more efficiently. 

Gets Jobs Done

Automated action tracking ensures that all work is completed to company standards and meets the deadline. 

These automated alerts also make it easy to identify any incomplete tasks that need follow-up. 

With Bizimply you can completely customise your Shift Log to fit your needs. Set standards within the company and create a smooth handover process for incoming managers. 

With Shift Logs, you can get the information you and your team need to see on a daily basis and get live updates on desktop or mobile devices.

If you have any questions about how Bizimply can improve your shift handovers, book a demo with our Sales Team! 🚀

Already a Bizimply Customer and want to add a Shift Log to your account? Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager today! 👨🏽‍💻

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