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Schedules are now safe

The spoils of testing

It’s been a busy few months of development at Bizimply. Our newer TimeStation™ and payroll processing features are out in the wild being tested by some of our customers – they will be available to the wider market over the coming days and weeks.

The advantages of constantly testing, and validating, our new features among our users like this is that we get great feedback and suggestions as to how we can improve our software and service, and make their life easier. If you aspire to be the best, you need great customers and great lines of communication with them. A virtuous circle that benefits everyone.

Over the coming days we will show-off some of the updates and improvements we have made, many of which started as a suggestion from our customers.

The Scheduling Lock


Often the managers we have talked to complete their team schedule incrementally over a week. Bizimply makes scheduling intuitive and it takes a few moments, but it can still be hard to find those moments together.

If you aren’t ready to publish your schedule but wish to protect your schedule from changes you can now lock the schedule and unlock it whenever you want, until you are ready to publish. Simple.

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