Free Employee Schedule Template

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Employee scheduling template

Creating employee schedules is part of every managers weekly to-do list. While some businesses use software like Bizimply to manage their scheduling other new businesses may be just figuring out the best way to schedule staff or are fans of the classic pen and paper method!

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For this reason we have created a simple, easy to use and free schedule template using excel. There are no macros or funny stuff just a couple of formulas to make scheduling quick and easy.

Costs and Positions

free employee schedule excel file template


Once the shifts and positions are created simply enter your employees name and hourly rate then start scheduling them for the week. As you schedule the costs of each shift will be totalled. If you enter a sales forecast you can also keep track of your labor/sales ratio.



Free employee scheduling template file

The excel file has two sheets. In the admin sheet you can setup your shifts and positions. This allows you to create shifts with names like “CLOSE” but still have a total shift length – useful for costing the schedule.





Free employee


In the top left you can add the start date for the week which will automatically update the other days and dates. You can also add your company name or even the schedule name.





Free employee schedule template


At the bottom of the schedule you can add any schedule notes for the week. Once ready just click print.


If you would like to get a copy of our excel template just go to the Bizimply resources page and download it for free today.


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