Brewery Management Software and Why You Need It

Allow managers to be in control with brewery management software. Automate everyday tasks that take your managers away from the jobs they love doing the most and get them back to working closely with their teams.
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Brewery Management Software is an essential for brewery managers who entail lots of responsibilities. From keg shipping, ordering in-hop, creating employee schedules and trying to track labour costs, it can be exhausting! A brewery management system will enable your managers to efficiently monitor and streamline these processes. Automating manual everyday tasks at the brewery will cut down on errors and allow you identify opportunities for growth and keep up with demand. 

What is Brewery Management Software?

Brewery management software is a solution that automates everyday manual tasks at the brewery! The system allows you to easily create staff work schedules, track your employees working hours, perform inventory checks, take control of labour costs and a lot more. All so your brewery can be on top of its game and make tasty beer your customers love.

The software considers staff availability and preferences, demand, and fairness so that the business can thrive while providing consistent results and high productivity levels.

How will Brewery Management Software help you?

  • Maintain the smooth operation of your brewery by keeping track of purchases, inventory, production, and sales.
  • Determine the true cost of each beer, as well as the sources of waste and how base ingredients affect the final margin.
  • Gain control over assemblies by knowing where each brew is in the process and how close orders are to being distributed.
brewery management software

There is no room or time for error with brewery management software, or else operations will suffer. Bizimply assists brewery managers in increasing efficiency in  recording brewing processes, employee scheduling, communicating with employees, inventory and equipment tracking and managing other day-to-day operations at their pubs and restaurants.

Let’s explore the key advantages further: 

Reduce labour costs by up to 10%

Often you will find businesses that aren’t using an employee scheduling software are either overstaffed or understaffed. They just can’t seem to find the balance between customer demand and the amount of staff to be put on the shift. The outcome of that has an impact on the experience of the customer; for example; too little staff could mean less productivity and less productivity = less production made. In turn, leads to less sales…you see where I’m going with this?

On the other hand,  if you are overstaffed, this could lead to unhappy employees, for example; too many staff and quieter periods will lead to boredom. Also, overstaffing unnecessarily adds to your labour costs. 

By matching staff to the demand, automated shift scheduling software can save between 5-10% of your labour costs. The software is a huge return on investment, allowing businesses to not only reduce wasted costs but to use these savings to invest into other areas of the business that can further benefit valuable ROIs.

Brewery owners need to keep their schedule in check to ensure optimal labour cost so they can capitalise on taproom revenue gains. Bizimply makes it easy to build & manage your employee schedule, communicate with your team, and better manage these labour costs.

Smarter scheduling and less time 

With Bizimplys brewery management software, your managers can spend 80% less time creating schedules for your staff, 70% less time dealing with calls and texts, and more time growing your business.

If you’re one of the breweries taking the taproom, direct-to-consumer approach for the higher margins, you need to stay on top of your scheduling. Scheduling for both the taproom, brewery, and even any in-house events is made simple with our drag-and-drop schedule builder that lets you schedule by role and department. Once the schedule is built, schedules can be sent directly to your staff’s mobile phone, where they can access it on the MyZimply App. Convenient for both you and your employees!

Improve productivity and retention

Brewery management software has been proven to boost employee happiness and promote a better work-life balance. Employees of businesses using the software have reported how they love the visibility the software provides. Employees feel more valued due to an increase in control over their hours and the added responsibility of submitting their own preferences and availability for working. 

In return, it has a positive impact on productivity in the workplace, reducing staff turnover and in turn, reducing costs in having to onboard new staff. A study at the McKinsey Global Institute revealed productivity improves by more than 20% when employees feel connected through regular communication with coworkers and management. When managers fail to foster a workplace culture that values communication, they risk losing staff—62% of employees who leave a workplace do so because of a lack of communication. 

Time and again, employees name three shortfalls:

1. Lack of direction from management

2. Poor overall communication

3. Ineffective communication of key internal and external changes

Time and Attendance

Time and attendance (T&A) software is solely concerned with the employees on shift. Basically, the main role is to collect data on who has clocked in, the time they arrived, if their shift was approved and the time they finished their shift. This type of management software helps brewery managers to streamline payroll systems and ensures staff are paid the right wages and on time. 

For your brewery, it means that your managers can have a clear overview of who is clocked in which departments and which location. Ideal when they’re on the go as this information can be accessed from anywhere. 

Brewery Management software is the best scheduling software for the majority of businesses. Leading global brands including Guinness Storehouse, Costa, Blackwater Distillery and they have each optimised their employee management whilst reaping the benefits, saving valuable staff time and millions in ROI.

beer brewery

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