Bizimply Cares About The Security of Your Data

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While we can’t stop you from leaving your laptop on the bus or from employee shoulder surfing, know that Bizimply has your company’s best interests at heart. Here’s how we strive to secure your data:

1. Password Management

It’s standard practice now to have a strong password management policy which prevents you and your staff from choosing passwords such as ‘password’, the unguessable ‘password123’ or the cryptic ‘0000000’. At Bizimply, you must choose a password that is at least 8 characters long, including a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers.

We will never email you your password for any reason and we will also never ask for your password, via email or otherwise.

2. Deleting Your Information

Since GDPR D-Day it has been imperative for us to facilitate deleting an individual’s data from our system. A user can request that their data be deleted by contacting us. Even better, if your company ever decide to leave us (please don’t), we will delete all of the company’s data after 12 months of inactivity. Just think of us as your personal data maid – we’re here to clean up after you.

3. Session Management

You leave your computer, we log you out after inactivity. Simple. Now no-one can mess with your schedule when you’re not looking.

4. Pen Testing

Short for Penetration Testing, this is a way of testing the security of software by trying to hack it (or hiring someone to hack it for you). There are 2 categories of hackers: white hat hackers and black hat hackers. White hat hackers use their forces for good and help people like Bizimply ensure that their software is secure and protected against malicious attacks (from the black hat baddies). We hire the good guys to run these kinds of tests for us regularly.

5. Encryption

We can’t tell you all our secrets in this post, however, we encrypt your data. In many different ways. Using many different methods. If you’d like to learn more about encryption, check out the OWASP website. Alternatively, sit back and watch The Imitation Game for some bonus Benedict Cumberbatch time while you learn.

6. Update Update Update

Bizimply is built on the shoulders of giants. We use open source frameworks and libraries including Ruby-on-Rails and jQuery. We keep on top of updates and security patches so that our system is protected from attacks.

Now, after reading all that, you can’t say that we don’t care about your data, right? Just make sure Mr. Cumberbatch isn’t looking over your shoulder when you’re entering your password!



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