8 Apps every Restaurant, Bar or Retail Venue Needs

To assist you on your business and employee enrichment journey, we've compiled a handy list of apps that we believe employees should be utilising to assist with communications, scheduling, task monitoring, and time tracking.
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Apps motivate and drive employees in business. That is why, in order to maintain high morale and prevent turnover, it is critical to create a pleasant and hassle-free work atmosphere. It is very easy to streamline your employees’ burden using today’s latest technologies by making certain operations simpler. This will allow your employees to concentrate on what matters most to the company, resulting in enhanced job satisfaction and strong staff morale.

To assist you on your business and employee enrichment journey, we’ve compiled a handy list of applications that we believe employees should be utilising to assist with communications, scheduling, task monitoring, and time tracking. These apps are beneficial to all employees, regardless of whether they work on the shop floor, behind the bar, in the office, or elsewhere. We hope you find them useful!


Thousands of customers from all over Ireland use Bamboo to order, pay and earn rewards from their favourite restaurants and coffee shops. Provide your customers with the simplest way to order and pay.

Bamboo is the best way to order from your favourite cafés and restaurants while saving time and money. Skip the queue by ordering and paying in advance, earning loyalty rewards automatically. When you arrive you can skip the queue, say your name, grab your order and go. 

The system takes into account location and mode of transport to ensure your order is placed with the best estimated time of arrival. Keep tabs on your order progress in real-time, with order tracking and push notifications!

bamboo app

Ordering through Bamboo means there’s no need to wait in a queue, order at the till, or pay with cash. Order in as little as three taps. When you make an order your loyalty is automatically redeemed, so forget those blasted paper cards and standalone loyalty apps. It’s rewards done right.


Tip the way you tap! Strikepay, also known as Strike, is a fast-growing financial technology (FinTech) company offering a seamless, patent-pending digital tipping solution for the cashless society.

Strike is revolutionising the way we tip, pay and donate to those who serve us. This innovative digital payment platform is also providing services to professionals in Europe, the UK and USA.

‍Enabling cashless and contactless digital payment solutions for tipping, payments and donations without requiring an App or a payment terminal. The mission of Strike is to provide the world’s most frictionless digital tipping platform to billions of people and help them to receive tips and payments which they may not otherwise receive, due to the demise of cash.

Order Pay 

order and pay apps

Order & Pay

Take orders via app or web. Customers scan a QR code or tap the Smart Disc on their table. 

Features like gifting, tipping & suggested pairings mean a smoother experience for them & more revenue for you.

Pay & Go

Allow your guests to pay in under 15 seconds with no card terminal & no need to order digitally. Our partners have seen 10x more tips when customers pay via their phone.

Click & Collect

Take orders in advance with Click & Collect, saving you & your customers time.


Flipdish is everything you need to take orders direct from your own sites and apps, offer digital ordering from kiosks or phones, and grow your business with marketing and loyalty campaigns.

Build your brand by magnifying your digital presence with a branded ordering website and app for your restaurant or takeaway.

Boost your sales by cutting out the middleman, reduce your fees to third party aggregators and watch your profits take off.

Drive customer loyalty; keep your customers coming back for more with insights, marketing tools and an automated loyalty system.

Squid – Loyalty App 

Founded in 2019, SQUID is a loyalty platform on the market that solves the needs of both businesses and customers. SQUID was created to help the people behind businesses connect with customers and increase loyalty. Now, SQUID is used in over 1000 businesses across Ireland and the UK. Partners are both independently-owned and small chains across the café, hospitality and salon industries. They now have thousands of weekly app users who are being rewarded for their loyalty!


LoyLap released its first offering in 2013; mobile apps for merchants that enabled them to scan a QR code on the customers’ LoyLap Member app and reward them with a digital stamp or digital points for each purchase. 

The app was well received, and although it was cumbersome and costly to have a second piece of hardware in conjunction with the POS, merchants saw the value it brought to their customers and business. They noted how customers much preferred to engage with a mobile loyalty system than get yet another physical loyalty card. This gave LoyLap the impetus to continue.


justtip apps

JustTip has benefits across three profiles; Employers, Customers and Staff.

Employers; takes away the hassle of managing and distributing tips, improves staff acquisition and retention, protects against potential negative market perception. 

Customers; provides customers with the ease of tipping in a cashless society, is a safe and secure way to tip, ensures tips will go directly to the service provider.

Staff; provides transparent tip payments, deposits the tips directly to employees bank account, and sends  phone notification to staff when they make a tip!

Bizimply‘s MyZimply

Our MyZimply app allows your employees to receive instant schedule updates along with any important messages you might have for them so that there is never any confusion. Don’t worry if you make any mistakes! You can easily edit it and employees can receive an update on the changes made. Employees can also edit their profile on the desktop or the mobile app so all of their information is kept up-to-date.

MyZimply - GPS Clock In (Mobile)

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