7 Tips to reduce staff turnover

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Reduce staff turnover

High turnover of staff is very costly to the business. Re-staffing and training costs your business in productivity losses and customer service declines. Here are 7 tips to make you staff stay and improve.

1.Exit interviews

Remember exit interviews are valuable information gathering opportunities. Make sure that you get a chance to spend a few minutes with any staff member leaving before they move on as you will get a frank and honest opinion of their time with you and your team.

2.Train your employees

Ensure that the staff are trained in the jobs they are doing. Allocate time to properly train your employees. Regularly review your current employee training needs.

3.Teach your employees

Cross training staff and multi skilling – Teach your employees how to do jobs other than their own regular jobs. Employees can be moved around and fill in while other staff are absent. Supervisors could serve or do the till. Chefs could man the counters if required.

4.Rearrange the work area

The fewer steps that people have to take, the faster they can do the job. Examine the ideas of self service – buffets, tea/coffee machines etc. Can you have chips and beans etc pre-portioned so customers can help themselves.

5. Explain operational targets

Employees don’t have to know every financial detail, but should be aware of specific targets. For example “this month we are having a dessert promotion, with the aim of increasing average spend by 5%”.

6. Lead by example 

Be out on the floor during service, ensuring standards are met and staff are working to their potential. Help out on service at peak times. Hold regular staff meetings and openly discuss operational targets and performance

7. Remember your people are your most important asset

Ensure employee satisfaction. Treat your staff with respect at all times. Ensure positive employee attitudes and motivation. Address problems as they arise to insure staff satisfaction and don’t forget to challenge your employees so you can expect the best from people.

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