7 Reasons we ♥ Ionic

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1. Code once ship anywhere

In ionic you write your code one time using TS/Angular for example and it becomes cross-platform literally everywhere, for example, Web/Mobile using Capacitor or Cordova and even on desktop using Electron!

2. Fast Development time

Because ionic is offering a huge number of utilities and helpful tools like CLI tools and CSS helpers. This makes the development like a piece of cake. Also ionic is using the latest versions of the tools and languages so you’re not tied to use any of the old libraries like jQuery for example.

3. Developer Friendly

To start writing your application using ionic you don’t need to be an expert in mobile development, with some web development experience you can start getting involved in some app development projects, so all the web development team can contribute also when they like to mobile development projects.

4. True Native Plugins

I am a web developer and want me to develop for mobile using its native features like camera/GPS/Sensors?
Don’t worry ionic covers your back with over 200 plugins to device native features that allow you to interact with the mobile native functionalities out of the web view area of the app to do almost anything. These plugins are developed for iOS and Android and sometimes browser too to give the same exact functionality and you consume it with TS only, magic!

5. Helpful community

If happened to need any help with your flow you have 3 lovely communities to go to.
1- Github and repo issues (if you’re sure it’s a bug)
2- Stackoverflow
3- Ionic forums
And they are very helpful.

6. Super Fast Performance

Ionic when you use it and understand its life cycles and also when to use virtual scroll and how to optimize things up, you will start to feel it’s truly amazing, and if you consume much JSON. the JS engines are able to parse JSON so faster than the equivalent in Android Native for example so you got a plus here.

7. Strong tools

  1. Ionic is built upon some really strong tools like:
    Angular: Google’s leading frontend SPA framework
    TypeScript: Microsoft’s superset of JavaScript that makes JS perfect language.
    Cordova: Adobe’s tool to make all this happen using web technologies.
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