Create and share schedules in minutes

The best way to track hours and schedule employees

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Spend less time on creating schedules and sharing them with your employees

Create and cost schedules in seconds

With Bizimply you can create schedules for your entire business in minutes. Also, cost each schedule as you create it so you're always on budget.

Instantly send shifts to employees

Once you have the perfect schedule ready, simply click publish. This will email every employee a copy of the schedule and employees can also use the employee app to check when and where they are working.

schedule on multiple devices

The best way to ensure your employees know when and where they are working.

Check your scheduled shifts from anywhere

As soon as you send the schedule employees receive an email to say when and where they are working. Our MyZimply app lets employees see their schedule at any time on their smartphone. This means less calls, messages and confusion for you and your team.

Quickly message employees and update schedules

Communication is made easier when scheduling with Bizimply. Changes can be made quickly and re-sent to all your employees. If you need to explain a change simply add a message to the shift for your employees to see.

employee mobile apps

A simple but powerful solution to scheduling

Leave paper behind! Start saving time and money with Bizimply.

Employee scheduling and attendance platform

Create Quickly

Simply drag and drop shifts onto the schedule. All costs are automatically calculated as you build so you know your on budget!

Save Time

With one click you send the schedule to all your employees. No more phone calls and messages.

Always Up-to-date

Last minute changes to shifts or budgets? No problem, just make the change and re-publish to everyone in a second.

Stay On Budget

Combine sales targets and target hours to ensure you create the perfect schedule every time. With Bizimply you can schedule with confidence.

Multiple Schedules

Bizimply is perfect for multiple locations and schedules. Share staff between locations or schedules so you and your team know where everyone is working.

Simple Notifications

Bizimply's scheduling takes into account employee details such as maximum daily and weekly working hours to ensure you schedule the right amount of hours to your team.

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