Run your Restaurants with Bizimply

Be the best operations manager you can be...

Analyse & Optimise Labour Spend

Under staffing can lead to stressed staff, slow service and irate customers. Over staffing is unproductive and wastes money.

Analyse your Dashboard

  • Closely Monitor Labour Sales %
  • Get regular updated sales figures
  • Track scheduled hours
  • Track actual hours worked

Optimise your Schedule

  • Know what each employee is costing you.
  • Know the cost of your daily schedule
  • Know the cost of your weekly schedule

Monitor & Hit KPI's

Spot deviations from daily & weekly sales targets as soon as they happen and be proactive about getting them back on track.

Pinpoint Success Factors

Stay fully informed of all activity across multiple locations. Always know what locations are busy and what locations are making the most sales. Compare the performance of all locations against each other to isolate key factors contributing to the highest and lowest sales figures.

Labour Law Compliance

Accurate Attendance

  • Ensure employees are paid accurately for hours worked, not just hours scheduled
  • Automatically award overtime rates to employees that are entitled to it


  • Run a compliance check on your schedule to ensure you haven’t breached any maximum hour rules

Break Tracking

  • Use Timestation to track breaks taken
  • Run reports across multiple locations to ensure employees are taking they breaks they are entitled to

GDPR Requirements

Bizimply helps you comply with the following GDPR Requirements:

Data Minimisation

Right of Access

Right to Rectification

Right to be Forgotten

Data Retention

Data Storage & Security

Look after your business

After all that hard work, it is only prudent to ensure your business remains profitable by avoiding the investigations and hefty fines that result from a breach in labour law compliance and GDPR.

Ensure Compliance

Look after your team

Engaged, happy employees result in increased loyalty, innovation, energy and positivity in the workplace. This will in turn be reflected in customer service and the overall customer experience during their time in your establishment.

Enhance Engagement

Keep everything running smoothly

Bizimply can be the driving force behind every shift. High productivity during a shift is reflected in staff morale, customer service and sales. The end result of a great shift performance is of course, increased profit.

Boost Productivity