Time off with Holiday Accruals

Track vacation hours taken and accrued and view the remaining balances.

Time off Balances

Quickly see how many hours an employee has taken in a leave year. Track Vacation, Sick and Other types of time off in your employee profile.

Vacation Hours Accrued

Using approved timecards Bizimply can calculate how many paid vacation hours each employee is entitled to take. Simply go to the Time Off tab for each employee and you will see their available balance.

Adjust Vacation Balances

When managing accrued time off, you can adjust the balance to add or remove hours depending on your requirements. Easily manage time off in lieu or bank holiday hours for each of your employees.

Get Accruals Today!

To start using time off with holiday accruals, please email a member of our team today at support@bizimply.com and we will be happy to help you get started!

To learn more about how to track time off and holidays accrued by your employees, please visit our Bizimply Help Center.