Employee Engagement Survey

Timestation has a new special feature that will engage employees across your company, boost morale and keep the lines of communication open!

Engage your employees, while protecting their privacy.

How do your employees feel as they head towards the door at the end of their shift?

  • Invite your employees to participate in this quick and simple survey
  • Follow your employees happiness levels across different shifts and different days of the week
  • Open up the lines of communication. Know when your employees are happy and when they’re not.
Engage your employees, while protecting their privacy.

Gain Valuable Insight

Responses are anonymous. Be strategic in the times you choose to turn on the survey. 

Quickly gain insight into how your staff are feeling across all your locations. Compare days of the week and compare certain shifts. 

To start using your employee engagement survey, please visit our Bizimply Help Centre.

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