Quickly and easily train your employees

Create and schedule essential employee training with ease. Your employees will never miss the essential training they need to help your business thrive with the Bizimply Training Card feature.

training cards

Create a consistent service level in all your locations

Streamline your employee training cards so you can ensure there is a consistent skill level across your locations.

Workforce Management

The perfect ingredients for saving time and money -Breztel Bakery with Bizimply

“Payroll used to take us five to six hours per week to process. Since implementing Bizimply, we have saved 50% of our time, if not more.” – Wieslaw Drabik, Operations Manager, Bretzel Bakery

Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself.


“I’ve been using Bizimply for years across my seven stores. It’s a brilliant tool to track and control costs”

Rob Robinson

Co-founder & Director

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