Simple salon staff scheduling software

Cost schedules, swap staff between locations and send the schedule to all in an instant.
Easy To Create

Simply drag and drop shifts onto the schedule. It automatically costs the schedule based on payroll settings so you stay on budget.

Simple To Share

With one click you put the schedule in their pocket, straight to their smartphones. This will revolutionize how you communicate with your team.

Instant Costs

Know what the week is going to cost before it happens. Set targets and budgets for each location so your business runs as efficiently as possible.

Multiple Locations

Bizimply allows you to have multiple schedules and multiple locations all in one account. Owners, Operators, Managers, Supervisors and Employees all have their own access and permissions.

Scheduling With Bizimply

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Employee Scheduling

Simple to use,
powerful results

Complete schedules in minutes and stay on budget. Spend less time in the office and more time on the floor with your team.

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