A simple but powerful solution

Easily manage employee attendance with no more paper required!

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The Bizimply Timestation
Track time worked without the work!

An instant record of attendance and breaks at your fingertips

Timestation records clock in, out and break times. These records are automatically sent to your Bizimply account so you can approve employee timecards and check break records in minutes.

Photo capture and PIN protection

All employees have their unique 4 digit pin. This combined with an instant photo capture ensures that buddy punching will be a thing of the past!

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schedule on multiple devices

Know who's working right now, in any location, at any time

Track who’s working at any given moment

Recording real-time attendance is efficient and inexpensive – employees in all locations can clock in and out with ease on an iPad, with the data being captured on one platform for your convenience.

The end of employee time theft

With photo capture as a feature of our time station, employees are only able to clock in and out themselves. You can accurately manage early and late arrivals, absences, overtime, long or missed breaks, and missed punches.

see times on multiple devices

A simple but powerful solution to scheduling

Leave paper behind! start saving time and money with Bizimply.

Employee scheduling and attendance platform

So Easy!

Make timesheet creation a breeze. Prepare your staff's timesheets for payroll processing in a hassle-free manner. Have timesheets automatically checked against schedules and requirements, ready for manager approval in minutes!


Let Bizimply do some of the admin legwork and thus gain valuable time back in your day to day! Instead of being stuck in the office, use your working hours on the shop floor driving sales or develop your business & staff.

Always Up-To-Date

Using real-time information from the timestation, data in your Bizimply account is continuously updated. This makes time tracking as easy as never before and will take your attendance management to a whole new level!

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