The Future Of Time And Attendance

Clock in and out on an iPad and prepare timesheets in minutes not hours.
Image Capture

Prevent buddy punching by allowing employees to take a photo each time they clock in or out. It's a simple and quick way to settle any timecard issues.

Live Information

From anywhere in the world just login on your smartphone to see who's working right now! Perfect for businesses with multiple locations.

Payroll Ready

Clock in times are automatically added to each employee's timecard, checked against the schedule and company rules, ready for you or your managers to approve. How much time would you save?

Safe & Secure

Our Timestation attendance app runs on any iPad and can be secured using wall mountable enclosures. Start clocking in today, just go to the app store, download the free app and log in.

Manage Attendance With Bizimply

Attendance is simple with Bizimply, stop wasting time and start saving.


Employee Timecards

Know Who's Working

Get a live feed so you can see who has arrived, or who is running late! It will change the way you manage your team.

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