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When you call on your employees to work extended hours, giving time off in lieu can be a business-savvy solution of managing costs and supporting employees to keep a healthy work-life balance.

Giving time off in lieu of overtime can be common for higher-paid employees who would actually prefer time off instead of extra pay, as annual leave cannot be bought, and unpaid leave is not always approved of by company heads.  TOIL is also a useful way to manage situations where you need staff to work extra hours during particularly busy periods or to fulfil unusually large orders.

It would seem like a very straightforward system, where an employee works 3 hours extra and gets 3 hours additional leave. However many difficulties can arise when managing time off in lieu. This is due to there being no legal right to be paid for extra hours worked, this is an area many employers struggle to get right.

One of the biggest frustrations business leaders are faced with when it comes to time off in lieu is the accumulation of owed time and how to record it. Timesheets, however, aim to provide a solution to this predicament, creating a more reliable and easier way on how to manage TOIL effectively.

The Problem

It can sometimes be difficult for managers to keep track of who has worked extra hours and when TOIL is being taken.

If you are operating a system of TOIL it makes sense to have a streamlined process to deal with the administration. Bizimply’s Timesheets is a great solution for this. Manual processes will waste time and money, and mistakes can occur more easily.

If your company has incorporated Timesheets, you can set it up so that overtime hours are allocated to a selected time off policy when an employee enters and submits their timesheet hours.

The Solution

Before you begin using your Timesheet software to track TOIL, it is important to know, and communicate the subject to the Working Time Regulations with your employees. This includes the maximum number of hours that can be worked in a week, unless they sign a written opt-out agreement. This also includes overtime.

The provision of TOIL has to be agreed between the employer and the employee. The offer must come from you in writing, and you can’t force it upon the employee.

After an agreement has been reached, the employee and you should sign a copy of the agreement. Once the agreement is in place and has been uploaded to the employee’s record, the employee can then store the time they would like to take off at a later date.

Timesheets software can really help with tracking TOIL; giving you an overview of the current TOIL situation in your organisation, as well as empowering employees to request TOIL themselves via self-service.

Employees can also request TOIL themselves. This can be done via a self-service request, or through timesheets.Bizimply’s Timesheets has the ability to automatically create a TOIL record for any hours that have been submitted and authorised over the employee’s working pattern hours.

For HR users, you can also access a Timesheets TOIL history page that allows you to quickly see which employees have accrued and/or used time, as well as seeing their remaining balance.


TOIL is a great way to give your employees flexibility, as well as to give them an alternative to overtime pay when they work more than their contracted hours.

TOIL can be very difficult to record and manage if you don’t have suitable tools at your disposal. If you’re using spreadsheets and manual timesheets, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade.

If you’d like to discuss how you can effectively record and manage TOIL in an efficient and compliant way, then get in touch with Bizimply today!

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