People Management for Pharmacies


Simplify your pharmacy shift-based business

Pharmacies are businesses that need good control over processes to operate efficiently – but manual people management can prove cumbersome for the fast-paced nature of the workplace.

Bizimply is designed to empower pharmacy managers and business owners by giving them exactly what they need to improve their people management, from labour cost optimisation, compliance management and easy payroll integrations.

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Labour Cost Optimisation

Huge labour cost savings.

The Challenge: Pharmacies rely hugely on the expertise of their workforce – without the right people at the right time, the job can’t be carried out. However, this requires a lot of detailed management that managers don’t have the time to carry out with paper-based processes, so the labour costs begin to rack up.

The Solution: Bizimply improves labour cost management across the board by keeping it all in one place – rota-building, timesheet management and more.

Compliance Management

Improved compliance with Bizimply.

The Challenge: Good compliance management is essential in a pharmaceutical environment where every piece of inventory needs to be accounted for. The same goes for team members – HR and managers need to know where trained personnel are working to be prepared when crisis strikes.

The Solution: That’s where Bizimply’s digital document management comes in – no more getting stuck in the back office under mountains of paperwork again! Bizimply automatically organises important records by employee and type, meaning everything is where it should be, when you need it.

Payroll Integrations

Easy payroll integrations.

The Challenge: When systems aren’t connected, managers can have trouble transferring important staff attendance data to payroll services. Have you or your manager ever spent more than six hours a week getting payroll ready? It’s all too common for pharmacies, but entirely preventable.

The Solution: Bizimply is specifically built to allow managers to approve and send timesheets to your payroll provider quickly. We’ve partnered with some great payroll companies like Moorepay and Sage to bring the best and easiest integrations to your business.

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Bizimply simplifies workforce management for multisite pharmaceutical companies, bringing together easy compliance management with intuitive labour cost management.

“Bizimply has made managing the scheduling of multiple sites less challenging. It offers us great visibility and enables us to better manage our wage costs and scheduled hours per store. We love how Bizimply continuously evolves offering us better tools to meet our business needs.”

Lisa Finn

HR Manager, Mulligan's Chemists

Key achievements with Bizimply:

A selection of our partners & integrations


Moorepay offer a powerful payroll & HR solution that integrates with Bizimply’s time & attendance offering.


With Bizimply and Sage you eliminate the double-entry of data and ensure your staff are paid accurately and on time.


With Bizimply and Brightpay attendance data is easily transferred over to payroll, saving time and money.

“Having all the employee records on a centralised platform meant we could do away with spreadsheets and endless pieces of paper.”

Omar Chagani

Managing Director, Soar Group

Key achievements with Bizimply:

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