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All your data in one place.​

Tenzo integrates with Bizimply, your POS, and inventory systems, allowing users to view all of their data in one place. Your data is updated in real-time so decisions can be made on the fly.



           ABOUT TENZO

Tenzo is an analytics platform that allows you to see all your data in one place.

Using Bizimply with Tenzo

Tenzo’s world-beating AI forecasting engine allows Bizimply customers have access to  30-50% more accurate sales forecasts broken down by the hour. Their engine looks at your past sales, weather, seasons, holidays, local events, and more, and works out how each of these factors affect each one of your locations. This allows users to schedule staff based on sales predictions so you always have the right number of staff working at the right time.

"Bizimply is a modern & very easy to use labour scheduling system. Many Bizimply users opt to use Tenzo as it helps them see data from all their systems including their labour scheduler, POS or inventory tool in one place and on mobile. Tenzo offers an AI-generated forecast which helps them schedule in Bizimply the right number of people at the right time."
Christian Mouysset
Tenzo Co-Founder

Why use Tenzo with Bizimply?

Using Tenzo to automatically combine your Bizimply data with your POS data provides powerful metrics that can highlight aspects of your business much more clearly.

Tenzo sends you mobile alerts when you are going to be under or overstaffed, and even takes into account ever-changing factors such as weather and events, figuring out how these will affect your plans even as the changes occur.

Tenzo gives you in-depth labour analytics, and allows you to compare sales metrics against your labour data. If you have forecasting in your Tenzo account, we will also generate a recommended labour schedule using their AI forecasting engine.

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Multi-site reporting

Tenzo’s integration with Bizimply lets you see integrated cross-location reports. For example, examine how your labour costs differ between locations in one simple table. Dig deep into the differences between your locations, uncover reasons for underperformance or find star performers.

How Bizimply & Tenzo
work together.

1. Data Collection

Tenzo aggregates data across
multiple data sources: labour, inventory, point of sales and
review platforms.

2. Email Reports

It gives you this information in automated email reports and a beautifully designed analytics

3. Realtime Insights

Tenzo delivers insights in real-time
to the right person to action those insights.

4. Machine Learning

Tenzo uses machine learning and
data science to forecast sales as accurately as possible, taking into account weather, events, and
many other data sources.

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