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Collecting Personal Data and Documents in a GDPR world is usually cumbersome, inefficient and insecure. Some use email, routinely loading unknown attachments with all the risks of viruses/ransomware and then holding this sensitive data in inboxes or sent items indefinitely with little or no regard to compliance.  Others build do-it-yourself web forms taking on the cost, hassle and security/compliance issues themselves, always attempting to stay one step ahead of data protection law and of course today’s modern hacker.


For consumers, its a trusted platform that values their data and privacy

  • Informs re status – rejected, purged, completed; checks compliance of requesting entity
  • Offers a fast frictionless experience
  • No need to download app or visit app store
  • Significantly reduces risk associated with email and paper transactions
  • Puts the power of personal data in the consumer’s hands

leave Management

Planet Verify aggregates data across multiple data sources: inventory, labour, point of sale and reviews platforms.

Analytics Platform

It gives you this information in automated email reports and a beautifully designed analytics platform.

Real-Time Insights

Planet Verify delivers insights in real-time to the right person to action those insights.

Accurate Sales Forecasting

Planet Verify uses machine learning and data science to forecast sales as accurately as possible, taking into account weather, events, and many other data sources.

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