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Paycheck Plus’ range of outsourced payroll services link with Bizimply’s time management and scheduling tools to provide clients with a streamlined and straightforward way to schedule and pay their hourly paid employees.

In Bizimply you can set up your payroll output to Paycheck Plus’ format, that enables you to import the payroll data for all your employees and eliminate the double-entry of data and ensure your staff are paid accurately and on time.

Payroll with Bizimply is designed to be a breeze – deliver payroll-ready exports of your attendance data quickly and efficiently in Bizimply’s clould based system. This information can be immediately sent to Paycheck Plus’ payroll bureau, greatly saving time and money.

Bizimply and Paycheck Plus combined form a complete people management solution from rota-building to payroll. Looking for a way to reliably record attendance data before approving it for payroll? Bizimply’s Timestation App makes it simple for managers to monitor their team’s attendance and record actual time worked.

Easy Rota-Building

Bizimply makes it incredibly easy to build rotas with our simple drag-and-drop interface.

Payroll-Ready Exports

Attendance data is immediately ready for export after approval in Bizimply's system.

Real-Time Labour Costs

Bizimply offers real-time insights into labour costs by department and time per location.

Save Time & Money

Managers who use Bizimply save several hours per week on rota-building and attendance approval!

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