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Globe POS Systems has been providing system solutions since 1970. Our goal is to exceed expectations by offering outstanding products and services. We offer many easy-to-use, easy-to-manage Point of Sale systems, Scales, Printers and more with an extensive array of administrative tools enabling you to effectively manage your product, your customer and your cash flow.

Globe POS is an RSPA Certified Reseller which makes us your obvious choice for guiding you in every aspect of your business that impacts the function of your POS system. We are also very pleased to announce that we are a PCI Qualified Organisation who is licensed to assess and validate merchant’s compliance to successfully implement PCI standards and solutions.

Easy Rota-Building

Bizimply makes it incredibly easy to build rotas with our simple drag-and-drop interface.

Payroll-Ready Exports

Attendance data is immediately ready for export after approval in Bizimply's system.

Real-Time Labour Costs

Bizimply offers real-time insights into labour costs by department and time per location.

Save Time & Money

Managers who use Bizimply save several hours per week on rota-building and attendance approval!

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