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EVG Eventures Group have a proven track record in the hospitality industry helping clients throughout Ireland. We work closely with them to help them successfully execute their most critical needs. 

In order to continue to manage your business successfully, you need control. We have a toolkit of systems and methodologies that we will tailor to address the specific problems you are facing. We believe in transparency, and will keep you, the business owner, fully in the loop at each stage of the consultancy. We have agents on the ground, and spotters in the ether ready to move on your behalf. We take a staged, phased approach, so we can maintain our collective focus on the real problems your business is facing, not the perceived ones.


With a proven hospitality industry track record, offering companies solutions from remote monitoring and loss detection to complete turnkey site management solutions, we have built a large client base throughout Ireland who trust us with the minutiae of their businesses, which is the core of their livelihood. It’s this trust that has allowed EVG thrive, prosper and grow with our clients.

leave Management

EVG aggregates data across multiple data sources: inventory, labour, point of sale and reviews platforms.

Analytics Platform

It gives you this information in automated email reports and a beautifully designed analytics platform.

Real-Time Insights

EVG delivers insights in real-time to the right person to action those insights.

Accurate Sales Forecasting

EVG uses machine learning and data science to forecast sales as accurately as possible, taking into account weather, events, and many other data sources.

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