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Absolute Retail Control was established in 1995 to provide the Hospitality, Retail and Catering industry in Ireland with Point of Sale, Stock Control and Cash Management Systems and solutions that are extremely reliable and user friendly. ARC take the approach that clients need a system tailored to suit their specific requirements. This policy has resulted in ARC establishing themselves as market leaders in their field . So whatever type of Retail, Hospitality or Catering business you have, ARC can help you select the system that is right for you and your business.

ARC are SOLE DISTRIBUTORS for Vectron in Ireland. The versatile Vectron products are designed to meet all Point of Sale requirements. Ranging from Vectron POS Touch to its outstanding Handheld Ordering Unit that when docked becomes a complete Till. 

Their ARCNet Stock and HR Suite, offers the most extensive reporting system available in today’s market

Easy Rota-Building

Bizimply makes it incredibly easy to build rotas with our simple drag-and-drop interface.

Payroll-Ready Exports

Attendance data is immediately ready for export after approval in Bizimply's system.

Real-Time Labour Costs

Bizimply offers real-time insights into labour costs by department and time per location.

Save Time & Money

Managers who use Bizimply save several hours per week on rota-building and attendance approval!

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