Better Operational Management for Logistics


Simplify your logistics shift-based business

Logistics hubs are busy – that’s their nature of business – so why should managers and business owners take on more than they should and stress over accurately managing their team’s performance and labour cost?

That’s why Bizimply is here to help logistics managers and business owners improve their people management, from easy rota-building, better compliance management and optimising labour costs.


Easy rota-building.

The Challenge: Logistics businesses need to keep track of their staff, just as much as they would monitor their goods. With many businesses employing several team members across multiple location, it can be difficult to accurately communicate rotas across a business.

The Solution: Bizimply offers a masterful drag and drop rota creation solution for logistics providers. Identify key positions for your managers by colour. Owners and managers can share team members across multiple schedules and locations for when one warehouse is shortstaffed.

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Better compliance management.

The Challenge: Good compliance management is essential in a logistics environment where every piece of inventory needs to be accounted for. The same goes for team members – HR and managers need to know where trained personnel are working to be prepared when crisis strikes.

The Solution: That’s where Bizimply’s digital document management comes in – no more getting stuck in the back office under mountains of paperwork again! Bizimply automatically organises important records by employee and type, meaning everything is where it should be, when you need it.

Labour Cost Management

Huge labour cost savings.

The Challenge: Logistics companies wouldn’t achieve much without the power of their team – otherwise, the job can’t get done. However, paper-based processes aren’t enough to manage a sizeable workforce based across multiple locations – this is where the labour costs start to rack up.

The Solution: Bizimply provides an entire suite designed to improve labour cost budgeting, forecasting, rota-building and staff planning solutions – all powered by an intuitive people management system.

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Bizimply manages people for your multisite logistics centres, offering a full-fledged solution from rota-building, timesheet creation plus approval and payroll integrations.

“I love being able to see the costs per day, week & between departments. Having that data of how much we’re spending day to day has allowed us to see where we’ve been both over and understaffed.”

Sofie Rooney

Business Owner

Key achievements with Bizimply:

A selection of our partners & integrations


Moorepay offer a powerful payroll & HR solution that integrates with Bizimply’s time & attendance offering.


With Bizimply and Sage you eliminate the double-entry of data and ensure your staff are paid accurately and on time.


With Bizimply and Brightpay attendance data is easily transferred over to payroll, saving time and money.

“Having all the employee records on a centralised platform meant we could do away with spreadsheets and endless pieces of paper.”

Omar Chagani

Managing Director, Soar Group

Key achievements with Bizimply:

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