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Why are we the #1 solution for manufacturing, logistics and call centre industries?

When it comes to tracking the Time and Attendance of your manufacturing, logistics and call centre staff, Bizimply have created the ideal solution. Employees can clock in and out via the Bizimply Timestation app; all you need is an iPad! Each individual employee is given their own unique pin that is completely confidential and emailed out to them at the Managers discretion. When employees attend work for their shift, all they have to do is enter their pin on the iPad. Staff can use the Timestation to track their break and to clock out at the end of their shift too – all with the one unique pin.

These clock in and out times of your staff will automatically send straight through to the employees Timecards which are accessed by the manufacturing, logistics and call centre Managers within the Bizimply account. All Managers have to do is approve the timecard and send these over to Payroll: trust us, it only takes minutes to do! You’ll be surprised of all the extra time you will have on your hands to focus on other areas of the business.

Do you struggle with managing your staffs holiday requests and Unavailability? Manufacturing, logistics and call centre industries will often have a high number of employees so being able to manage this effectively will be smoother for your business.  Bizimply’s leave management process is so simple you’ll be wondering why you never made the digital switch sooner. Employees can request Time off and submit their Unavailability in multiple places; the MyZimply app and the desktop app. Once they put in their specified requests, Managers are then notified and prompted on the dashboard within the locations account to approve or deny the request. If approved, the employees Time off request or Unavailability will automatically show up on the rota so they won’t be scheduled when they are unavailable to work.

Holiday management becomes straightforward when you have instant access to the time-off request, an employee self-serve app, and a central team schedule. Get a complete overview of the holidays requested or the unavailability submitted by each employee. All managers need to do is approve or deny the holiday requests. Once approved, these will automatically show up on the rota to show that the employee is off, meaning they can’t be accidentally scheduled for a shift. This saves having to go back and readjust the schedule, or trying to find cover elsewhere. Streamlining the leave management process. 

Visibility and control has never been easier with Bizimply’s Shift and Operations management software

Ultimately, Operations Management software makes sure that your business operations, whether delivering a service or selling a product, is effective and efficient! Your organisation’s business processes are streamlined in order for your manufacturing, logistics and call centre managers have everything under control, while delivering the best possible results. This is also known as “operational efficiency.”

With Bizimply you can easily track your overall operational performance, all at once. Get the visibility and labour insights you require to make the right decisions for your business and your team.

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