Bizimply Employee Handbook

Your Bizimply Journey Starts Here

You will/have received a 4 digit pin for the Bizimply Timestation. Please keep this PIN safe as it is unique to you.

Clock In

You have been invited to Bizimply! What now? You need to create your password to have access to our Web Portal and to ensure you will receive email notifications.

On Your Profile tab you will have access to your personal and work information. The Administrator on your account decides what information can be viewed and edited by employees.

  • Scheduled Hours
  • Timestation Pin
  • Web Clock in

Bizimply has a Web Clock in function, where you can clock in and out for your shift and breaks. Your manager/account administrator will determine if this function is available for you.

  • Paid Holidays,Sick & Other balance
  • Records
  • Requests

You can use the web portal to request time off. All requests must be approved by your manager/account will receive an email from Bizimply stating if the time off request has been approved.

The Bizimply employee app called MyZimply is available to download for free on
Android and iOS and is a great way to access Bizimply on the go.You use the same login details as the Web Portal.


You can check your 4 digit pin on our Web Portal, on MyZimply app, or ask your manager/account administrator to send your pin directly to your email.

You should clock in as soon as you can and contact your manager to inform them about your late clock in. They will be able to amend it for you.

Contact your manager/account administrator as soon as possible and they will be able to clock you out manually.

The photos taken are uploaded to the Bizimply cloud and kept for 28 days only / This process is GDPR compliant. Only your manager/account administrator can view these pictures.

You can create a new password on . You only need to click on ‘Forgot your password?’ and follow the instructions.

Please check with your manager/account administrator if the schedule has been published yet.

This option might not be available for you as per your account administrator settings. Please contact your manager/account administrator to check its availability.

Make sure ‘Precise Location’ is turned on your app settings/access.

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