Co-Owner Stephen Moran decided to introduce Yeah!Burgr. as a concept in an already existing Late bar based in Navan, Co. Meath in the Summer of 2017 in an attempt to increase sales of the bar itself. What they initially thought would only serve to increase what they had on offer to their already existing customers in the bar, ended up becoming a hit with customers coming in from all over the county to try the new talked about Yeah!Burgr experience.

Yeah!Burgr. no. 2 was then opened in Maynooth, Co. Kildare, the following September in 2018. An ideal location on the main street and is a huge hit with Students of Maynooth University & locals alike. In 2019, Stephen opened up two more locations. Yeah!Burgr. 3 opened mid-Summer 2019 in Drogheda, Co. Louth & soon after in October, Yeah!Burgr. 4 opened up in its doors to Wexford town. The team was delighted to bring Yeah!Burgr to Drogheda, the biggest town in Ireland and also down to friends in the South East in Wexford town. Stephen isn’t stopping there, he has more ideas in the pipeline and he is looking at more opportunities to expand not only their menu but also their reach.

The Challenge

Initially, Stephen was looking for a way to increase sales of the bar itself; “We never could have anticipated the huge response Yeah!Burgr would receive.” When joining Bizimply, Yeah!Burgr had opened two locations, this meant that Stephen was now faced with new challenges of managing a much larger team and required the correct software to do so. In his early days of scheduling his team, he was using an Excel spreadsheet, it would take hours to complete and would have often led to having to be updated or adjusted once published because staff would have been unavailable to work or had booked off that day. However, without a formal leave management system in place they would have been accidentally scheduled.

“This ate into more of my time, I wasn’t able to manage my team efficiently or get to greet my customers anymore.” 

With the two locations operating, Stephen was regularly driving back and forth to each location or constantly ringing up managers to ensure all was running smoothly on peak times and that staff were taking the correct breaks. Through calls and observations, he was trying to decipher whether he had enough staff scheduled on a shift or if there were too many scheduled which meant he was probably overstepping his labour costs. 

“It was hard to tell whether I had enough staff on each shift, I wanted to maintain a good customer service but I didn’t want staff twiddling their thumbs either!”

It was clear that more efficient Scheduling and Time and Attendance of his staff was important to Stephen and were the main reasons why he settled on Bizimply.

The Solution

Stephen went from putting together his rotas on a spreadsheet to using Bizimply’s simple drag and drop scheduling system. With the ease of being able to create popular shifts for each location, Stephen and his managers have reduced the time spent building the rota from 5 hours per week to scheduling in just 30 minutes or less. This time is now spent on the floor with their team and on improving operations in other areas of the business; focusing on how they can provide the best experience for their customers.

Handing responsibility over to employees to request their time off or submit their unavailability through the MyZimply app is another process that has improved. Staff unavailability or holiday requests automatically show up on the schedule so they cannot be rostered in for that shift. This has eliminated the need for any adjustments to be made once the rota has been published and sent out to all staff. 

With the introduction of the Timestation into Yeah!Burgrs locations, Stephen is reassured his staff are clocking in for their shifts and that they are taking the correct breaks.

“The Timestation has been a game changer for us, I know when staff have clocked in and at what location. I know when they are taking their breaks, having access to this information from anywhere has kept me sane and compliant!”

Wages are the biggest cost for any business, having the Timestation in place has enabled Stephen to reduce his labour costs due to the accuracy of the clock in time for each of his staff. These times are synced with the timecards, which is approved by the manager and sent straight to Payroll. The ability to set rules for rounding off times and automatic calculation of overtime means staff are paid for the correct hours they actually worked. “Doing away with the manual end of things, we no longer have to worry about making any errors when it comes to payroll.” It is important that as a business you can keep track of all the costs that are going on in your business. 

“We have managed to reduce our labour costs by up to 5%, We can now forecast our demand and know we are not overstaffed at any time. We’re able to be more analytical with access to such useful data.”

One final thing Stephen noted was the improvement of productivity and communication between staff and locations. He admitted the staff were enjoying Bizimply and found it an extremely beneficial tool to have in the workplace. “Staff love the ease of submitting their time off through the MyZimply app as well as always having their schedules at hand, Bizimply has made a lot of people’s lives easier.”

With five locations now in operation, Stephen can definitely see the benefits of implementing a workforce management system. From improved scheduling, to better time off management and increased communication across the workplace, why wouldn’t you make the switch?

“Bizimply has provided our managers with greater visibility overall.”

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