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DEC 2017


The Background

Made of Dough started out making pizza on the road with a wood fired oven in the back of a land rover. After flinging some pizzas in Broadway and winning a few awards, Made of Dough opened a few locations in the UK, with restaurants in Peckham and Shoreditch. We caught up with Harry Gibson to find out why Made of Dough chose Bizimply for their people management needs.

The Challenge

Like many others in the industry, Made of Dough were creating their weekly schedules on an Excel spreadsheet and communicating these updates via WhatsApp. Co-founder Harry admits that as time went on, he realised this system was not efficient – especially when staff needed to swap shifts or time off requests were overlooked as they were often jotted down on a piece of paper and forgotten about. When trying to manage three restaurants the process “became cumbersome and slow”.

They also found it difficult to track employee times and so payroll was another dreaded task that had to be completed! As success and locations began to grow for Made of Dough, factors were building up that contributed to Harry’s need for Bizimply.

The Solution

Harry is relieved to admit that since they joined Bizimply, they have saved hours of time in terms of getting the rota done, they find it much easier to share staff between their different locations and manage everything in one place.

He adds; “The ease of use when it comes to building a rota for everyone using it – colour coding the shifts, using positions such as Chef/FOH/Manager – being able to see other locations and ensuring we are not understaffed at any time”.

Since they implemented the clock in and out system at each of their locations, the working hours of all employees have been recorded correctly. They are easy to read and all records are automatically pushed through into the Bizimply account and don’t have to be entered manually. Implementing Bizimply was a comprehensive solution that eliminated any previous ongoing problems for Made of Dough. 

The team at Made of Dough love the MyZimply app, they get their schedules sent straight to their phones and can be checked at any time. They highlighted how it makes it easier for the team to plan their lives outside of work and this transparency is essential to show your employees that you care and know that life is not all about work too! The convenience is enhanced too as employees can request time-off and submit their unavailability through the MyZimply employee app which is suitable for both the employee and the manager. 

One of the most useful features Harry enjoys is entering their sales on Bizimply every day. Through the use of our comparison tools, he is gaining a deeper insight into the performance of his business and not just a rough estimate. He uses it to look at his labour costs, hours, forecasts and using the comparison tools to compare to the previous weeks and year allowing him to see the areas he can improve to continue to thrive. 

“For the rota-ing – I’d give it a 10/10”.  Harry realises now that Excel sheets are slowly becoming a thing of the past and introducing a workforce management system like Bizimply is key for smooth running of a business. 

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