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The Background

Iceking Restaurants Ltd was founded by Jon Mouralidarane in 2000. With a passion for KFC having previously worked for the company for over 15 years, he set up KFC franchises in the UK. The business has since grown to operate 8 restaurants including Pizza Hut within London. 

The Challenge

Before the implementation of Bizimply, Iceking faced a number of issues that were causing huge limitations across the entire organisation. 

One of the many problems they faced was keeping track of new employees; managers did not  record or store documents in the most efficient manner which meant they were not being fully compliant in all areas of the business.  Before Bizimply one RGM would employ a member of staff, but when it came to processing payroll they realised they didn’t have the full details required of the employee, causing more delay to paying the employee and processing. They also experienced the concern of not knowing the precise times employees were clocking in, they were over reliant on the employees recall of clocking in and out and communicating this information to them each week. They soon started to realise this was not an efficient way of working. 

Like many others enduring this problem, Iceking were active users of Excel when it came to creating their store schedules, they said “it was like a ping pong ball, it would get sent between me, area manager, store, names and formulas would get deleted”. This then led to a considerable amount of time being wasted on polishing up timesheets to ensure they were correct. They spent hours having to call managers and employees to confirm hours worked and the Area Manager even had to take one day off each fortnight to sort out payroll.

This is when they knew their way of operating was hindering business success and began to look for a system that would improve their daily operations.

The Solution

For Iceking, Bizimply has completely enhanced business performance! They have helped improve their ability to create schedules, stay compliant and save time to focus on other areas of the business. 

With the documents feature in Bizimply, they can now send out contracts to new employees joining the team and have a secure place to store them which ensures they are being compliant and keeping all important documents in order. 

They are grateful that time and attendance can be tracked accurately, as Bizimply’s photo option and GPS Clock-In solutions means they have an accurate record of clock in and out times. “We have better control of breaks as well, we can see if all employees are taking the right break times”. They enjoy the photo feature as it allows them to check if their employees are in the building and ready to start work. 

Those in charge of payroll appreciate how employee clock-in and out times automatically push through to payroll – “our area managers no longer have to take a day off to sort this, it can be done in a couple of hours or less which is huge, saving us 25 days a year!”.  In turn, it has also led to less payroll-related queries as they have now integrated with Brightpay to complete the process. 

All managers have greatly appreciated the implementation of Bizimply and taken to it very well, they commented how easy it has been to adjust to the system, especially for the older staff and introducing new technology to them. Communication is particularly important within the different stores, they were heavily reliant on WhatsApp to communicate everything from; schedules to updates, to getting shifts covered. But now, with the ability to email the schedule out and for employees to view the schedule on their individual portals it makes communication much more clear, Chris noted. 

Chris’ biggest pain point was creating the schedule, but now; “Colour coding on the schedule makes it easy to check the right people are in at the right times, you can glance at the schedule and see if the right team is working”.

Chris’ parting comment said; “the benefits have proved endless for Iceking”. From time to time we get in touch with our customers to ensure all is running smoothly for them, it is the continued positive feedback like this that reassures us at Bizimply that we are helping businesses’ to maximize their potential! 

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