Key workforce management considerations surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Your organisation needs to maintain control over your employees and working environment more now than ever as we continue working through the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Changes to working patterns will be taking place as those who previously operated on fixed hours will have to introduce variable shift patterns to maintain safe working environments for their employees.

How can a Workforce Management software like Bizimply help you in operating through new environments?

Scheduling employees to meet forecast demand is central to effective workforce management and maintains to be one of the most impacted areas as COVID continues. Unpredictability lingers with both the demand and supply of labour and high absence rates driven by sickness or self-isolation. The introduction of new social distancing measures and hygiene practices will also drive a requirement to closely manage shift patterns and schedules. 

With Bizimply you can:

  • Keep records up to date of demand, cover requirements and labour availability to ensure you have enough staff if an employee falls ill.
  • Maintain accurate records of who is working, when, hours worked and over what period which can help you identify close contacts if someone gets COVID.
  • Have the right people in the right place at the right time; build schedules that incorporate different skills and ensure you have the right employees to manage and drive performance without over staffing.
  • Optimise shift patterns and schedules to reduce the pressure on available workers.

“One of our staff contracted the virus, with Bizimply we were able to see who exactly was working on that shift so we could advise and communicate to them on the next steps to take. Having that workforce management system in place has kept us compliant throughout our operating period.

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Supporting employee wellbeing, engagement and compliance

From a workforce management perspective, it is worth considering:

  • Are employees given a clear idea of working hours or expected hours of work on a daily basis? Build and publish your schedule within minutes and effectively communicate it to your team via email or the MyZimply App; no close contact required.
  • Stay compliant with time regulations of shifts as well as the impact of this on your employees health. 
  • Actively log shift performance and create daily task lists to ensure hygiene is consistent.
  • With an Attendance Questionnaire you can create customisable questions from your Bizimply account and allow employees to submit their answers on the Timestation. Ideal for pre-shift screening checklists.


  • Are your current workforce management practices and systems fit for purpose? Many organisations are over-reliant on time intensive manual processes. Bizimply cuts out unnecessary admin, managers can use their time to exert themselves into other areas of the business that are required to aid economic recovery at this time.
  • Integrate your workforce management system with your T&A, payroll and HR systems.
  • Use data effectively to identify trends, issues and opportunities that will ensure your shift patterns and schedules adapt to the changing environment.


Our customers have been getting in touch expressing how Bizimply has helped them manage their employees, stay compliant, manage labour costs and use real-time data from the system to generate valuable workforce planning and management insights throughout the pandemic.

More and more industries realise the importance of workforce management systems and are making the switch so they can effectively support their employees and ensure that they can optimise and improve business. 


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