Bizimply COVID-19 Response

We are committed to preserving your business’ safety and health. That’s why we’ve outlined how Bizimply can simplify reopening with intuitive functionality. Fill out the form below to find out more about how Bizimply can help you navigate these uncertain times!

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Safe Use of Timestation/Touch Technology

  • Wash hands before handling Timestation
  • Use Personal Styluses for contact-free clock-in
  • Know who clocks in, where, at any time

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Back To Work Task Lists

  • Bizimply can create custom task lists by location
  • Get notified of status by email
  • Ensures compliance when it matters most

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Document Management

  • Ease the transition from office to remote-based work
  • Keep documents all in one place
  • Easily maintain accessibility and convenience

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COVID-19 Health Check

  • Monitor the health of employees
  • Upload information to shift log daily
  • Keep a cloud-based log of day-by-day updates

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Return to Work - On-boarding

  • Create bespoke lists
  • Email notification on completion
  • Report on complete/incomplete on-boarding

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Tracking Furlough Pay

  • Set staff as furloughed in Bizimply
  • Track time off
  • Access HR docs online

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Remote Work Time Management

  • Employees can clock in remotely
  • Track staff breaks
  • All information feeds into timecards in Bizimply, ensuring accurate attendance

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