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Video: Reduce COVID-19 Transmission With Bizimply Styluses

  • Employees can clock in safely without fear of indirect contact
  • Each stylus comes with a lanyard so employees can easily retain and use them for clocking-in
  • Contact Bizimply below if your business or staff is interested in implementing better health & safety compliance!
Safe Use Of Technology

Safe Use of Timestation/Touch Technology

  • Wash hands before handling Timestation
  • Use Personal Styluses for contact-free clock-in
  • Know who clocks in, where, at any time

Remote Work Time Management

  • Employees can clock in remotely
  • Track staff breaks
  • All information feeds into timecards in Bizimply, ensuring accurate attendance

Document Management

  • Ease the transition from office to remote-based work
  • Keep documents all in one place
  • Easily maintain accessibility and convenience

Back To Work Task Lists

  • Bizimply can create custom task lists by location
  • Get notified of status by email
  • Ensures compliance when it matters most
Task List

Return to Work Onboarding

  • Create bespoke lists
  • Email notification on completion
  • Report on complete/incomplete on-boarding

COVID-19 Health Check

  • Monitor the health of employees
  • Upload information to shift log daily
  • Keep a cloud-based log of day-by-day updates

Tracking Furlough Pay

  • Set staff as furloughed in Bizimply
  • Track time off
  • Access HR docs online