Perry Street Market Cafe first opened its doors in 2013 and began serving local artisan food. With the success of the cafe, the business has since expanded and now has 3 successful cafes in Cork. We caught up with Sally, the General Manager of Perry Street Market Cafe to learn about the challenges she faced & her experience with Bizimply.

The Challenge:

● Perry Street Market Cafe relied on manual timesheets for creating rosters & managing
employee’s attendance.
● Timesheets not being completed or checked by store managers meant Sally had to
cross-check all timesheets from each location – “All time consuming, small issues”
● They had no way of tracking employee holidays
● Store Managers had no control over their hours or labour costs.
● When getting employee hours ready for payroll, Sally had to manually enter the data
from their own timesheets into her payroll system, which resulted in mistakes and Sally
spending half of her week managing payroll issues.

“I had no idea about how much people’s hours were costing until I got the payroll report back.”

The Solution:

Perry Street Market Cafe first implemented Bizimply into one of their locations. Once they saw
the benefit of Bizimply to their business, they installed the system across all 3 locations.

● Perry Street Market Cafe are now much more aware of their labour costs.
● Store Managers now have the ability to control their own location and take ownership of
their rosters, labour costs & approving employee hours for payroll. This saves Sally
hours each week to focus on other aspects of the business, that she didn’t have time to
focus on before.
● They can export all of the employee’s timecards directly to payroll using our integration
with Sage Micropay.

“One of the reasons we moved to Bizimply was because we were trying to reduce our labour costs”

Favourite feature:

“For me, I love the fact that I can check the attendance and change the time cards if I need to very very quickly”

When asked if she would recommend Bizimply to other businesses, her reply was:

“Absolutely, yes. I definitely would. It’s very easy to use.”

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