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Simplify your bar shift-based business

Bars and Pubs need to keep track of their staff – compliance and control is key to a successful operation in the industry. However, it’s easier said than done and can result in a lot of paperwork,

That’s why Bizimply provides all the tools that bar managers and business owners need to improve their people management, from dedicated clock in solutions, labour cost optimisation and online document management.

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Customisable multidepartmental clock in solution.

The Challenge: Bars and Pubs need a way to keep their floor staff accountable when clocking in, especially when dealing with important inventory that needs to be kept accounted for – managers want to be assured that every worker has arrived when they should.

The Solution: Bizimply offer multiple clock in solutions for hotels – multidepartmental clock in allows hotels to separate their staff attendance data by team, granting insights into individual performance labour costs in each area.

Restaurant Workforce Management Software

Labour Cost Management

Save big on staff labour costs.

The Challenge: Bars and Pubs rely hugely on the power of their workforce – without people, the job can’t get done. However, this requires intense management that regular paper-based processes simply can’t accommodate, so the labour costs begin to rack up.

The Solution: Control your biggest variable costs with better budgeting, forecasting, scheduling and staff planning technology tools – all powered by Bizimply with an intuitive all-in-one people management system.

STaff Documents

Organise your employee records

The Challenge: Paperwork can get messy – so many forms, training records, incident reports and more to organise! Managers risk only realising that something got lost in the filing cabinet moments before they need it, potentially jeopardising hotel operations.

The Solution: That’s where Bizimply’s digital document management comes in – never go scrounging through mountains of paperwork again! Bizimply automatically organises important records by employee and type, meaning that you’ll find what you’re looking for every time.

“Bizimply has been a great daily tool for all of East London Pub Co. The simple clock in and out ensures that everything runs smoothly when it comes to hours and payroll”

Carly Pickering


Key achievements with Bizimply:

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Bizimply simplifies workforce management for multisite hotel companies, optimising the entire people journey from scheduling to payroll preparation with an all-in-one cloud-based solution.

A selection of our partners & integrations


Moorepay offer a powerful payroll & HR solution that integrates with Bizimply’s time & attendance offering.


With Bizimply and Sage you eliminate the double-entry of data and ensure your staff are paid accurately and on time.


With Bizimply and Brightpay attendance data is easily transferred over to payroll, saving time and money.

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